Camp Hunt Family Weekend Registration

Number Attending:
Please indicate how many are coming even if you select the Family Rate. The purpose of this registration is to make special requests known and allow people to pay in advance. Do not leave the name fields blank, even if you plan to pay later.

Family Rate Maximum ($50)
Individual Cost
Under 5 years (Free)
5 - 12 years ($15)
13 years and up ($20)

Please enter a phone number you can be reached at if we have a problem with your registration (include area code).

Please indicate the names of those being registered. If multiple people please separate each by a comma.

Home Church:

Please indicate any special arangements needed and lodging preferences. While all atempts will be made to accomodate special requests they can not be guaranteed, and are subject to availability and organizer's discretion.

Please Note: Clicking register will send an email with your information to event organizers.

On the next page you will have opportunity to pay with Pay Pal, though you do not have to. You are welcome to bring cash or check to Camp Hunt with you to register for the retreat.

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