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What does a day at camp look like?
Camp follows a very full and structured schedule. Reveille sounds at 7 AM and everyone has an hour to dress and clean the cabin before meeting around the flagpole for a brief devotional before breakfast. The rest of the morning schedule includes Bible class, recreation and a singing period.

Lunch is at noon, followed by a rest period, and then separate boys and girls swimming, crafts and recreation periods. A canteen (snack) period occurs in the middle of those activities and a second Bible class period takes place before supper.

After supper, the evening activities vary depending on the day of the week. Every evening there is some kind of recreation. Every other evening there is a devotional on the hill. Every night there is another canteen period, and the night ends with a campfire. The campfires alternate between spiritual and silly campfires. Both kinds of campfire periods include singing and skits. Most nights end with a brief cabin devotional. Some nights have late night parties or night swims. Taps sounds around 9:30 PM.
What does Camp Hunt cost?
The base cost is $215 per camper per week. This cost can be decreased by many different types of discounts. You can download our brochure with more information on types of discounts.

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