Directions to Camp Hunt

It isn't possible to give directions from your house to our door, but with our location and directions from local major roadways you should be relaxing in Camp Hunt's beautiful fields in no time. If somewhere between point A and point B you zig when you should have zagged, the number at camp is (315) 824-1827.

GPS: Directions Via Google Maps

From Route 20
Driving along Route 20, whether south or north, you shoud come across "Sangerfield" which is a small crossroads kind of town. Turn South on Route 12 (Traffic light). Drive for about ten minutes until you see a green sign on your right that says "Hubbardsville". Turn right following the sign. Immediately turn left. Drive about 200 yards and turn right across railroad tracks. Now, bear left immediately at fork and follow road straight up the hill. At crossroads keep going straight. Follow winding road to the top of the hill and Camp Hunt will be on the left. First entrance on left is for RVís. Second entrance on left has a totem pole type sign and leads to parking lot. This entrance is the one you want and is immediately on the left after a road goes off to the right.

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